May 26th, 2024 - 9:00am Modern Worship

Today's message explores the greatness and goodness of God in the face of life's challenges and the existence of evil. We are reminded that God's power and love are often revealed through nature, like the rare northern lights, but also in the everyday joys and growth of our loved ones. However, when faced with suffering and injustice, we may question how a great and good God could allow such things. In times when God's greatness and goodness seem incongruent with our experiences, we are called to trust in His promises and faithfulness. Just as a parent comforts a child through temporary pain, knowing they will be okay, we can trust that God's perspective is greater than ours and that He is working all things for our ultimate good. Our faith in Jesus Christ, who embodied God's love and overcame the world, allows us to find peace and hope even in the midst of trouble.