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Daily Devotionals

Week of April 8th

Daily Prayer: God, thank you for creating a place for us in your home--for including us in your family.  Help our congregation, and me individually, to make our church a home for all those in our community.

Day 1: The Promised Land as Home
Bible Reading: Genesis 17:7-8
Devotion: Abraham's story teaches us about the significance of a promised home that transcends physical borders. As you reflect on these verses, consider that characteristics that define your spiritual home. Abraham's journey reminds us that our true home is found in the presence of God and His promises to us. 


Question for reflection: What does the concept of a 'promised land' mean to you personally, and how does it shape your understanding of home?


Day 2: The Church as a Family
Bible Reading: Ephesians 2:19
Devotion: The Apostle Paul paints a picture of the church as a family, where no one is a stranger. Reflect on this metaphor and what it means to be part of God's household. In a world where loneliness can be prevalent, the church offers a family and a place of belonging. 


Question for reflection: How can you contribute to making our church community feel more like a family for everyone involved?


Day 3: The Blueprint for Community
Bible Reading: Acts 2:42-47
Devotion: The early church provides a model for community and shared life. Meditate on these verses and the way believers supported one another in every aspect of life. Community is about sharing not just resources, but also joys, burdens, and spiritual growth. Consider what 'sharing life' means in your context. 


Question for reflection: How can you more actively participate in the life of your faith community?


Day 4: The Church as a Sanctuary
Bible Reading: Mark 11:17b
Devotion: When Jesus visits the temple and sees that it has become a marketplace instead of a place of worship, he forcefully drives out those who had lost sight of the church's true purpose.


Question for reflection: In what ways can our church more intentionally help people to pray and worship?



Day 5: Living Out Our Faith
Bible Reading: James 2:14-17
Devotion: Faith without works is dead. Ponder how you can live out your faith in practical ways, serving and loving others as Jesus did. Belonging to a community of faith means putting our faith into action. 


Question for reflection: How can you serve others and show the love of Christ in tangible ways in your community?