Outreach Ministry

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September 27 is our annual Love Haiti Special offering day at our church. 

For eight years, our church has provided educational scholarships for more than 40 Haitian children who could not have otherwise gone to school. Our support impacts the student’s family, the school, and the community.  

In a country where there is little access to basic needs, such as clean water and medical care, education is a luxury.  

When we started this program, it cost $1.00 per day to send a child to school in Haiti. Today, it is $2.00 per day. The cost of two McDonald’s cokes will send a child to school for a year, while $2.00 for many Haitians is a day’s wages.  

Why has the cost gone up? When we first started traveling to Haiti, the conversion rate of a Haitian goude to a U.S. dollar was 40 to 1. Today, it’s 112 to 1. Something that cost 40 goudes eight years ago, now costs 112 goudes, nearly three times as much. Because of gas shortages in Haiti, the pandemic, and natural disasters, supplies are in short supply, driving the costs higher. More of our students are in higher grades now, so tuition, books, and uniforms are more expensive.  

In addition to an education, our church provides faith and hope to our Haitian partners, something that is not easily measured. Our Haitian friends know that we work for Jesus Christ, and that God is the provider. It’s a pretty amazing mission. Please consider giving to this important mission. You can give online with a one-time donation or a monthly contribution, or you can send a check. (https://kearneyfumc.org/giving then scroll to LoveHaiti and click) If you want to learn more about the program, visit the website parntersineducationhaiti.org.

Outreach Opportunities

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House is always looking for a few people to serve a breakfast or brunch. It is an easy project to lead, and requires that just a few people go. Often it's a great family volunteer morning. The preparing and serving is finished before noon. If you would like to learn more about serving at Ronald McDonald House, please scroll down and check appropriate box.