Ministry Table Usage Policy

Ministry Table Usage Policy

Updated: December 2016 by the Leadership Team

In order to provide for a more visually appealing and effective use of space in the church lobby for the promotion of events and hospitality, First United Methodist has created a Ministry Table to help facilitate the ministries of the church and connect new people to the church in the act of hospitality. To most effectively offer hospitality and the promotion of events and ministries, the Ministry Table will be governed by a few policies:

The following tables are to be used in the lobby on Sunday morning: The Ministry Table (8 ft), The Welcome Table (6 ft), the Care Table, and the Missions Table.

Space at the Ministry Table can be reserved by any church group for the promotion of events, sign ups or sale of goods for church group activities, ministries and missions.

Only official church ministries, events and mission opportunities will be displayed or promoted through the Ministry Table.

The Ministry Table can be reserved through the church secretary on a first come first serve basis. All or part of the Ministry Table can be reserved. The table may be used by multiple groups at the same time if they signed up and agreed on shared space. Groups may share the space and are encouraged to do so.

The Ministry Table will be the only table used in the church lobby for the display of material or promotional pieces.

Other tables put up without prior authorization will be taken down prior to Sunday morning. For prior authorization and special circumstances please see the Senior Pastor.

No one group can occupy the Ministry Table for more than 2 weeks in a row.

It is the responsibility of the group using the Ministry Table to keep it orderly and tidy and ready for the next groups’ usage. Please make sure all your material is removed.

Ministry leaders who reserve the Ministry Table are responsible for abiding by the policy and to effectively share with other ministries in need of the table.

No free standing displays are to be allowed apart from reserved space at the Ministry Table.

All displays need to be approved and reserved by the Senior Pastor.

Other policies can be added as need to this policy.