Listening Sessions

Getting to know each other with Pastor Adam Mustoe

Please join us for a Listening Session with Pastor Adam. These small group gatherings will give Pastor Adam a chance to get to know our church. Each gathering will take place in homes and last for about 90 minutes. Each gathering will be limited to 12 people. Please click on a date below to sign up.

August 25

5:00 pm

Ed and Sharon Morrison

1733 Cambridge Cir

Kearney, MO

August 29


Rocky & Dana Brock

1720 Harbor Dr

Kearney, MO 

September 3

7:00 pm

Arlene Barra

17021 Elizabeth Dr

Kearney, MO 

September 5

7:00 pm

Scott and Stacy MacDonald

908 Stonecrest Dr

Kearney, MO

September 8

4:30 pm

Sarah and Andy Martens

1714 Cambridge Cir

Kearney, MO