Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

2019 Leadership Team

Carolyn Gillespie - Chairperson - leadership@kearneyfumc.org

Norma Mooney

Ken Greiner

Stacy MacDonald 

Ron Teague 

Danny Dale

Mike Gonzales 

Adam Mustoe - Pastor

Leadership Meeting Minutes

Leadership Team Meeting October 21, 2019

Attendees: Carolyn Gillespie, Stacy MacDonald, Mike Gonzales, Ron Teague, Norma

Mooney, Danny Dale, Adam Mustoe, Sherry Oxandale, Mary Thomas, Amy Irsik,

Michelle Cobb, Amy O’Hare, Lisa Boggess, Becky Elliott Ward, Mitch Buhman and

Debbie Buzard

Carolyn opened the meeting with prayer

1. Preliminary review of budget with staff

Leadership Team and staff discussed the 2020 budget. Will discuss again at the

next meeting.

2. Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development – Carolyn

Carolyn shared a devotional called “Every Pastor Needs a Champion” since it is

Pastor Appreciation Month. Leadership Team shared that they appreciate all that

Adam, Sherry and Mitch do for our church.

Adam shared how much he appreciates all that Sherry and Mitch do for the

church also.

3. Vision and Goal Related Business – Westside and Discipleship Pathways Updates

Westside – Having a second service at Westside was strongly encouraged

by the conference. We received a one-time grant for $10,000.00 for this

purpose. By accepting the grant, we are committing to a second service. No firm

date has been set for the launch of this second service.

Discipleship – Small groups are going well.

4. Budget, Church Calendar of Events and Attendance Review

a. Kearney Food Pantry funding update

5. Pressing Needs Not Already Addressed – policy review as part of ongoing


a. Parking lot void

Ron is waiting for a bid from All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance, LLC. This

repair expense will come from the Capital Expenditure Fund.

CJ Miller sent an email to the Leadership Team asking to purchase a Rug

Doctor to clean the carpets. Norma Mooney motioned to approve the

purchase of a Rug Doctor not to exceed $450.00 to handle small stains.

Funds for this purchase will come out of the Capital Expenditure Fund.

Overall carpet cleaning would be done by a professional carpet cleaning

company. Danny Dale seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

b. Chamber of Commerce benefits?

The chamber is looking at forming a coop for small business to help

provide benefits for their employees. Ron is looking into this.

c. Easement update

Carolyn has talked with Mark Kelly about the easement. Mark is willing to

look at the easement proposal prior to the church signing papers. Carolyn

will ask Mark if the church needs to ask for compensation for the


d. Storage for Quilt Guild

The Quilt Guild has asked for storage space at the church. There is not

any space available. Carolyn will let them know this information.

6. SPRC as Needed

Approved through email – Carolyn Gillespie, Stacy MacDonald, Mike Gonzales, Ron

Teague, Norma Mooney & Danny Dale

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