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Our Leadership Team

Back row, left to right: Carolyn Gillespie, Danny Dale, Rocky Brock, Ron Teague - Front row, left to right: Norma Mooney, Ken Greiner, Nicci Nauman, Stacy MacDonald, Bob Coffey

2018 Leadership Team

Stacy MacDonald - Chairperson - leadership@kearneyfumc.org

Nicci Nauman

Norma Mooney

Ken Greiner

Carolyn Gillespie 

Ron Teague 

Danny Dale

Rocky Brock

Bob Coffey 

Spencer Smith - Pastor

Leadership Meeting Minutes

August 27 Leadership Team meeting 7pm

Attendance: Bob Coffey, Spencer Smith, Stacy MacDonald, Nicci Nauman, Danny Dale, Carolyn Gillespie, Rocky Brock, Ken Greiner, Sherry Oxandale, Mary Thomas and Becky Steeby

1.    Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development – Bob

Bob opened the meeting in prayer.

Bob shared an article called “Five Marks of a Servant Leader” by Jon Bloom

These five marks are:

1)   A servant leader seeks the glory of his Master

2)   A servant leader sacrificially seeks the highest joy of those he serves.

3)   A servant leader will forgo his rights rather than obscure the gospel.

4)   A servant leader is not preoccupied with personal visibility and recognition.

5)   A servant leader anticipates and graciously accepts the time for his decrease.



2.    Vision and Goal Related Business – Building Technology – Becky Steeby, Sanctuary Projectors – Bob, Insurance Update (due by Oct 1) – Bob, Building Committee Update – Stacy/Spencer

Building Technology – Becky shared that she had done research to find the church a different software to use since people had a hard time with several aspects of our current software (Fellowship One). She has found a company called Touchpoint which seems to be a better option for the church. No action was taken at this time by the Leadership Team.

Sanctuary Projectors – Bob shared that Mike Chaloupka has been working with SRS to solve the problems that the church is having with the projectors in the Sanctuary. The current estimated cost to fix the problem is $25,000.00. Bob will have a more accurate amount once we know just want needs to be replaced/fixed. This information was shared so that the Leadership Team can be thinking about where these funds will come from.

Insurance Update – Bob will have a meeting with Chuck Morris from the insurance company on September 11 to discuss how the Westside site will affect our current insurance and what forms we need to complete for the second site. 

Building Committee – Based upon feedback that the Building Committee has received from the congregation, they feel that the congregation does not want to go into debt again. Keeping this information in mind the Building Committee will ask for new blueprints based upon how much money has been received and how much money we anticipate receiving through the capital campaign. 

3.    Budget, Church Calendar of Events and Attendance Review

Concerns were shared that expenses are higher than income. No action was taken.

4.    Pressing Needs not already addressed – policy review as part of ongoing business – we need this completed by end of September

Stacy will send out reminders of the different policies everyone is working on. Revisions/updates and approval will be done through email.

5.    SPRC as Needed – Pastoral Compensation due by September; updates

6.    Other Items for Leadership Team Attention as Needed


Next meeting will be Monday, September 24 at 7:00pm in Classroom 4.

Leadership Team retreat is scheduled for Saturday, September 22.

    Approved through emails: Rocky Brock, Nicci Nauman, Carolyn Gillespie, Stacy MacDonald,            

    Danny Dale, Ron Teague and Norma Mooney

Town Hall Meeting Minutes

The Church Leadership Team conducts a quarterly Town Hall meeting to inform the congregation about the church's goals for the future, and where we are on that path. 

Kearney FUMC Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Minutes June 20th7pm

There were 58 people who attended.

Opening and Prayer- Stacy MacDonald Leadership Team, chairwoman

Flood Plain Review- Kevin Pratt

  • Kevin revisited the flood plain designation and how we determined the church sits in a flood plain.
  • We considered building a flood wall and that idea has been rejected due to time and cost.
  • The plan remains as it was before we learned of the floodplain- 4 classrooms, meeting room, individual bathrooms, a secure area, some space for mechanical and limited storage which can be added to later. Now a ramp has been included to accommodate the raise in the building due to flood plain grade increase requirements.
  • Further reductions of square footage will result in space that won't meet our needs

Questions and Feedback:

  • When was the FEMA map revised?-we think 2015 but certainly after the original build
  • Was the FEMA map a 100 year map?- Yes
  • Could the meeting space have a movable wall?- Yes, depending on need
  • Will the new addition floor be 22 inches higher than the floor in our current building? - Yes, we will have stairs and a ramp to connect the two buildings.
  • When we bought the property, we were not in the floodplain, is that true? -Yes
  • How did we end up in the floodplain, if the original building wasn’t in the floodplain originally?-More stormwater volume due to more development of Kearney impacts the flood plain (hydraulic evaluation was done). FEMA makes the designation and there is not anything we can do about it.
  • Do we pay flood insurance on this building?- Yes, it’s a subsidized rate.
  • How will the ramp affect Joyful Noise? Don’t really know, yet. Pending official measurements and other ways of orienting the ramp, it’s not possible to know for sure.

Building Plans-Kevin Pratt and Gary Marchbank co-chairmen Building Committee

  • We paid to have the land assessed by engineers to be sure the flood plain designation was accurate.
  • When we began this campaign, the budget we set was not sufficient to build the plans we currently have.
  • The shortfall is an unknown, it could range $350,000-400,000 depending on cost of materials.
  • The flood plain adjustments cost about $50,000; The current building plan was $250,000 6-12 months ago, but costs are rising.
  • The need for space remains, the cost to address the need exceeds our current campaign expectations.
  • Financing is available, there is a deed of trust, many options exist for amortization- 20, 15, 10 year, etc. 
  • Building cost has risen from $110 per square foot to $129 per square foot.

Questions and Feedback:

  • Did the building committee look at alternative construction, like a butler building?- We don’t know if we can save a significant amount doing that.
  • Is the entire building and all of the property in the floodplain?-Relocating water, electrical, draining, sprinklers for fire safety, secured space for the children, etc. makes the idea of building on the far east side of the building not feasible.
  • Can we build up instead of out?- It hasn’t been specifically discussed, but stairs and elevators add significant cost. Elevator could be at least $50,000. The structure of the building to support a second story is unknown
  • What’s next?- Spencer took over to say: We are on track for two votes. 1. Church conference, majority vote of those who attend, probably late July, to approve preliminary architectural plans, preliminary financing plans and estimates and that goes back to the building committee. Once the committee meets with the architects, then preliminary plans and financing become specific and a second vote occurs to approve those plans and the financing options that go with it. 
  • We just got out of debt, staying out of debt was stated as a preference.
  • Are there grant monies we could pursue?- Not that we are aware of.
  • If we continue to grow, more people should generate more revenue, right?- that’s not always the case.
  • How many additional children would we serve in the new space?-Current children’s space is at 100% capacity (51 kids per hour) Divide the new square footage by 25 and that gives space for 72 more kids per hour. Some grades and ages experience more crowding than others and that needs to be considered also. This applies only to Sunday morning. When we look at youth, that includes Wednesdays as well as Sundays, they will experience more growth potential as well.
  • Does the data have a timeframe?- Yes, annual averages. So, should we look at only through 2017, because we’re only halfway through 2018.

Second Site Impact-Spencer Smith, Pastor

  • Looking at children’s ministries and student ministries, the Second Site impact was considered. The Second Site will not likely impact 9:30 numbers because 9:30 is not the target for growth at the Second Site.
  • When we say we are full in children’s ministry, we mean we are full at 9:30.

Questions and Feedback:

  • Is every classroom in use on Sunday morning? -Sunday mornings are not limited to classroom space. They move from the classroom to a meeting space (the old choir room). One classroom is used for that Pre-K worship time. Another is used for storage when the dividers are pulled to store Joyful Noise equipment that isn’t functional for Sunday morning. It wouldn’t add room for more than about 6 kids.
  • Do we know the location of the second site?- No
  • Have we looked at opportunities to redo space in the plans?- No, these plans reflect current practice and best fit the need of the Sunday morning programming. There are also impacts due to fire and building codes.
  • Limiting debt limits options. Sacrifices will occur either financially or in discomfort due to overcrowding.
  • How much will the Second Site cost?- Nothing, until the grant money runs out. The goal is for it to become self-sufficient. 
  • Given the growing population of Kearney, can we get a projection of what kind of growth our church could expect?- we can look into that.
  • Our only growth is at 9:30?- Our bottleneck is at 9:30. 
  • Can we use our Second Site to relieve 9:30 crowding instead of using our 10:45 Contemporary population to seed the Second Site?-It comes down to which sacrifices we want to make.
  • Is leasing better than building in terms of cost?- yes
  • Will the second site have different accounts?- No, one church, one set of accounts.
  • Will we continue to have 10:45 contemporary service after the second site launches?- probably not at first, at least, to avoid competition. Some possibilities exist to use the Fellowship at different times, not 10:45
  • If we don’t use the Fellowship Center at 9:30 or 10:45 (after Second Site), can we use it for children’s ministry?- Yes, absolutely. But it eliminates the use of the Fellowship Center for a service.
  • Will the Second Site have Children’s ministry? -Yes, but it will not significantly alleviate our crowding at 9:30.
  • The new space will not impact the size of the sanctuary, is there room for growth in the sanctuary at 9:30?- Yes about 20% and then we will be bottlenecked again.

Spencer closed the meeting with prayer.

Approved through email: Rocky Brock, Stacy MacDonald, Bob Coffey, Carolyn Gillespie, Norma Mooney, Ron Teague, and Nicci Nauman

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