Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

2021 Leadership Team

Bill Nicely - Chairperson - leadership@kearneyfumc.org 

Eric Nauman

Nic Christensen

Teresa Brent

Jim Smith

Season Kerns 

Leigh Ann Eubank

Corey Jewel

Analeigh Vanderpool

Adam Mustoe - Pastor

Leadership Meeting Minutes

Leadership Team Meeting minutes. 

Leadership Team Meeting October 18, 2021 through Zoom

Attendees: Bill Nicely, Jim Smith, Corey Jewell, Nic Christensen, Season Kerns, Eric Nauman, Teresa Brent, Analeigh Vanderpool, Leigh Ann Eubank, Adam Mustoe, Sherry Oxandale & Mary Thomas 

  1. Opening prayer

Adam opened the meeting in prayer.

  1. Leadership Development and Spiritual Formation – Sherry

Sherry shared about Susanna Wesley.

  1. Approval of minutes

Jim motioned to approve the September LT meeting minutes. Eric seconded. Motion to approve minutes passed.

  1. Charge Conference update - Adam

Adam shared that the charge conference was held on October 14. Pastor salaries and members of the board for 2022 were approved. 

  1. Scouts update

Beginning in November 2021, the cub scouts will not be chartered by the church. They will continue to use the facilities and will complete paperwork like all other outside groups. Scout Sunday will continue to be acknowledged. 

  1. Focus Team Reports:

  1. Finance report – 

  1. Insights from September Financials (if available), trends

Eric – Revenue continues to be good. Expenses for September and October were heavy. 

Nic – The heavy expenses are probably due to insurance payments. 

Insurance will need to be reviewed earlier next year, maybe in July or August.

  1. First assessment of staff budget proposals

Adam explained the 2022 budget. The team is asked to review and if they have any questions, to reach out to Adam or the staff member responsible for that budget. Adam and the Finance Focus group will meet to determine revenues for 2022. Final approval of the 2022 budget will be at the November LT meeting. 

  1. Trustee’s report –

  1. Roof update

The church roof was leaking. Mitch Buhman reached out to Kenaga Roofing and they repaired the leak. No further problems have been detected.

Milton Teegarden trees have been replaced. Small spruce trees have been put into pots.  The plants are in pots due to how water drains off the church.

  1. Building & Grounds equipment

Tim Cole and his group will be repairing the shelter house. This will happen in about four to six weeks. 

Jim presented a snow removal proposal from Bradford Lawn and Landscaping. This is the same company who has provided this service in the past. The prices have not gone up. Proposal was approved.  

                   Analeigh had a request from Mitch Buhman to use Hillyard to update   

                   Cleaning materials and equipment. The bid is for $1,627.00. The LT   

                   approved this request. Mitch also is looking into purchasing a backpack 

                   vac next year.  Mitch was given the go ahead to get a quote for the    

                   backpack vac and if approved, to purchase it this year. 

  1. SPRC – reports as needed

  1. Job description approval

  1. Pastors Consultation forms

Next meeting will be November 22, 2021

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