Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

2018 Leadership Team

Stacy MacDonald - Chairperson - leadership@kearneyfumc.org

Nicci Nauman

Norma Mooney

Ken Greiner

Carolyn Gillespie 

Ron Teague 

Michael Walker

Danny Dale

Rocky Brock

Bob Coffey 

Spencer Smith - Pastor

Leadership Meeting Minutes

March 19th Leadership Team meeting 7pm

Attendance: Rocky Brock, Bob Coffee, Spencer Smith, Nicci Nauman, Norma Mooney, Stacy MacDonald, Danny Dale, Carolyn Gillespie

  • Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development- Nicci; washing of disciple‚Äôs feet by Jesus and its implications
  • Rocky Brock- Emergency Response and Preparedness Plan
  • Motion: Allow for $100 for radios to be purchased for response preparedness- Rocky Bob Seconded. All approved.
  • Report on Bus Use Request: motion: Let Greg and A Turning Point Use the church bus with all of the policy requirements met. Norma seconded. All approved
  • Job description review will be assigned by email to each member of the leadership team
  • Review of year-long all church calendar of events
  • Review of 2018 goals and how Leadership Team can support and encourage staff work with goals
  • Multi-Site Update- plans in the works for congregational updates
  • Leadership Team meeting will be April 23rd instead of April 30th. We will meet at 6pm for
  • Pastoral Evaluations and then at 7pm for our general Leadership Team meeting.
  • Approved through email: Rocky Brock, Nicci Nauman, Carolyn Gillespie, Bob Coffey and Stacy MacDonald 

Town Hall Meeting Minutes

The Church Leadership Team conducts a quarterly Town Hall meeting to inform the congregation about the church's goals for the future, and where we are on that path. 

Kearney FUMC Town Hall Meeting

Meeting Minutes Sunday, December 10, 2017 9:30am & 10:45am

There were 27 people who attended.

The Town Hall Meeting was presented by Matt Smith.

Information was shared through an agenda and with a slide presentation.

9:30am Questions:

What impact has the Healthy Church Initiative had on the church?

It has helped the Leadership Team, staff and ministries support the mission and vision statements of the church. This will be carried on with the next Leadership Team.

Laura Buhman thanked Dave Zurliene and Matt Smith for all of their hard work on the Leadership Team since they are leaving the team at the end of 2017. Everyone also thanked Laura Buhman for her leadership as she will also be leaving the team at the end of 2017.

10:45am Questions:

Is there a plan or process in place for how information is communicated among the Leadership Team, staff and the congregation?

This is a work in process. Still trying to figure out how best to communicate with everyone. Suggestions were to communicate from the pulpit, in print and through emails.

Contact the Leadership Team

You can email the Leadership Team at leadership@kearneyfumc.org