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2019 Leadership Team

Carolyn Gillespie - Chairperson - leadership@kearneyfumc.org

Ron Teague 

Mike Gonzales

Eric Nauman

Nic Christensen

Bill Nicely

Teresa Brent

Jim Smith

Season Kerns 

Leigh Ann Eubank

Adam Mustoe - Pastor

Leadership Meeting Minutes

Leadership Team Meeting January 19, 2020

Attendees: Carolyn Gillespie, Mike Gonzales, Eric Nauman, Nic Christensen, Bill Nicely,

Teresa Brent, Jim Smith, Season Kerns, Adam Mustoe, Sherry Oxandale, and Mary


The meeting followed a lunch that also included the outgoing 2019 members and staff.

Carolyn opened the meeting by asking everyone to introduce themselves and to say

what a perfect day would be for them.

Adam handed out a “Leadership Team Covenant” which Carolyn went over with the

team. Everyone was asked to sign their copy and to keep it as a reminder of the


Carolyn handed out the Leadership Team meeting schedule. Everyone was asked to

sign up for a date to be the Leader of Spiritual Formation.

Carolyn will be the Leader of Spiritual Formation for the February meeting.

Adam went over the document – “Who’s in Charge – Elders or Staff”. He asked the

Leadership Team to read this document and if they had any questions, to let him know.

The Leadership Team is to guide the overall vision of the church and to offer clarity

when needed. Adam will share parts of the Book of Discipline that pertain to the role of

the Leadership Team.

Adam and Carolyn went over the One Board Structure. The Board/Leadership Team is

the highest level of authority. The Board/Leadership Team provides guidance and

establishes goals. The Board/Leadership Team sets policy and also reviews policy.

There are three different working groups that make up the One Board Structure. These

groups are Finance, Trustees and Staff/Parish Relations. Carolyn defined what the

different groups’ roles are. She asked that the members let her know by the next

meeting, which working group they would like to be a part of.

Carolyn thanked the team for their willingness to serve on the Leadership Team.

Adam shared with the team the Big Rocks for 2020.

1) End of the Capital Campaign – What do we do with the funds collected?

There will be a vision night on February 3 at 6:30pm for the people who have

given to the fund to get their input.

2) Safety – Adam has already been talking with people who are willing to help with

this at both campuses.

3) Clarification around job descriptions.

4) The United Methodist Church as a whole.

Carolyn asked that the team check their emails often. Mary will verify everyone’s email

addresses and phone addresses. Mary will send out minutes from each meeting for the

team to approve. Please reply yes or no to all whether you approve the minutes or not.

Once approved the minutes will be posted on the church website.

Carolyn is working on a Leadership Team quarterly newsletter. If anyone would like to

help with this, please let Carolyn know.

Questions team members had?

How are team decisions made? Follow Robert’s Rule

Are their by-laws? Adam will check and will share with the team

Carolyn closed in prayer.

The next meeting will be on Monday, February 17 at 7:00pm in Classroom 4.

Approved through email: Eric Nauman, Teresa Brent, Carolyn Gillespie, Jim Smith, Ron

Teague, Mike Gonzales, Bill Nicely, Nic Christensen & Season Kerns. Leigh Ann Eubank


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