Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

2021 Leadership Team

Bill Nicely - Chairperson - leadership@kearneyfumc.org 

Eric Nauman

Nic Christensen

Teresa Brent

Jim Smith

Season Kerns 

Leigh Ann Eubank

Corey Jewel

Analeigh Vanderpool

Adam Mustoe - Pastor

Leadership Meeting Minutes

Leadership Team Meeting minutes. 

Leadership Team Meeting March 21, 2022 through Zoom

Attendees: Nic Christensen, Season Kerns, Eric Nauman, Teresa Brent, Sarah Owen, Noelle Simmons, Corey Jewell, Bill Nicely, Adam Mustoe, Sherry Oxandale, Mitch Buhman & Mary Thomas 

  1. Opening prayer

Adam opened the meeting in prayer.

Leadership Development and Spiritual Formation – Analeigh Vanderpool

Approval of minutes

Sarah motioned to approve the February LT meeting minutes. Season seconded. Motion to approve minutes passed.

June retreat?

Adam will work on a date to have a post Annual Conference retreat for the Leadership Team either in June or July. He asked for any dates that do not work from the LT. He will also send out materials for the retreat.

Focus Team Reports:

Finance report – 

Insights from February Financials (if available), trends

Cash on hand continues to go up. Eric motioned to move $12,000.00 from the General Fund into the Capital Expenditure Fund to bring the account above $50,000.00 which is the minimum it is required to have. Nic seconded. Motion passed. February financial statement questions where answered.

Audit update -

Corey has reached out to 3 different accounting firms, including Miller Management, for bids. This is a busy time for these firms, so have not heard back from any of them. 

Trustee’s –

Parsonage inspection

Inspection went well. Forms will be signed and sent to the District Office. There are forty items that need to be addressed. They will be tiered and prioritized with dates to complete. Some work has already started. 

If the Parsonage Repair account goes over the $600.00 budgeted, funds can be moved to cover the additional expenses.

Flooring –

The trustees will seek professional recommendations. What areas need to be completed first will be prioritized in tiers. 

Property updates: Street lamp, water fountain, entrance concrete

Street lamp will be placed near the driveway by the city. Adam will call the city to give them the okay. Mitch will reach out to Long Veterinary Clinic as a curtesy to let them know about the street lamp.

Water fountain are ready to use. Covers were taken off when mask requirements were lifted.

Mike Steeby will be working on replacing the entrance concrete and also redoing the concrete near the bell tower. This will be either a spring or summer project. 

  1. SPRC – reports as needed

  1. Staff goals for 2022, follow up 
  2. Pastor evaluations

Next meeting will be April 25, 2022

Approved on April 25, 2022.

Contact the Leadership Team

You can email the Leadership Team at leadership@kearneyfumc.org