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Our Leadership Team

2019 Leadership Team

Carolyn Gillespie - Chairperson - leadership@kearneyfumc.org

Norma Mooney

Ken Greiner

Stacy MacDonald 

Ron Teague 

Danny Dale

Mike Gonzales 

Adam Mustoe - Pastor

Leadership Meeting Minutes

Leadership Team Meeting August 19, 2019

Attendees: Sherry Oxandale, Ken Greiner, Norma Mooney, Becky Elliot, Mike Gonzales, Adam Mustoe, Stacy MacDonald, Ron Teague

1.   Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development – Ken Greiner shared excerpts from the Spiritual Leadership chapter in a book by Chuck Swindoll “Seasons of Life”. Characteristics of leaders.

2.   Vision and Goal Related Business – Westside and Discipleship Pathways Updates

a.   Discipleship – small group sign ups have started. Adam with leader training group.

b.   Westside – Mitch Buhman and Adam Mustoe will meet with Roger Ross, Director of Congregational Excellence from the Missouri Conference.

3.   Budget, Church Calendar of Events and Attendance Review

a.   Roof repair underway, insurance is in place to cover all repairs

b.   Work orders – Need to be handled by volunteers. In search of a volunteer to head up this effort, and have some skills. Will send personal invitations to some church members. After next month’s meeting, put in bulletin to ask for volunteer to help out with if we have no one in place

c.   Insurance updates – Ron and Mike will meet in September with Brotherhood to review our policy 

4.   Pressing Needs Not Already Addressed – policy review as part of ongoing business

a.   Budget discussion. Addressing ways to manage budget, to overcome shortfall. Will discuss again next month.

b.   Update regarding green effort - Norma will start a task force to address issues. Will come up with questionnaire.

c.   Easement request – Carolyn is following up on this

5.   SPRC as Needed

Approved through email:  Carolyn Gillespie, Stacy MacDonald, Ron Teague, Ken Greiner, Norma Mooney, Mike Gonzales & Danny Dale

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