Health Ministry

Health Ministry


Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 9:00 AM in the Fellowship Center. Please join us for low impact exercise, friendship and laughter. Everyone is welcome!

Focus on Health and Wellness:

April 21 is Easter and the time we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. Without this there would be no hope for us. May the following 10 suggestions for Celebrating Easter bring you new meaning to this day. 

100 Ways To RE-joice In The RE-Surrection!

1. RE-Joice               He is Risen! Indeed!

2. RE-Fresh              your body by sound sleep and good eats.

3. RE-New                acquaintances and habits of health and hope.

4. RE-Deemed         know that you are loved forever in the Lord.

5. RE-View               your past lumps and bumps… and know you’re forgiven. 

6. RE-Late                Talk, and listen closely, to those around you.

7. RE-Store              “unto me a clean heart, O God.” (Psalm 51:10)

8. RE-Vive                your faith through the Word and Sacraments.

9. RE-Focus              on all the great gifts the Lord has given you.

10. RE-Member        those special people around you. 

* And now, RE-Peateach of the 10 items above 9 more times!

 (Taken from “Living Well: 100 Seeds to Grow Your Spirit” - available at