Health Ministry

Health Ministry


Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 9:00 AM in the Fellowship Center. Please join us for low impact exercise, friendship and laughter. Everyone is welcome!

Shalom! Blessings of peace in this New Year. By Marge Kerlin 

The concept of shalom means more than just peace. Shalom embraces the elements of life - peace, prosperity, rest, safety, security, justice, happiness, health, welfare and wholeness – that, when in balance, make our lives and communities God-centered. Imbalance produces stress. Living with stress challenges our need to hold fast and maintain inner peace. What causes stress in your life? Take a few minutes to identify your sources of stress. 



News media 

Poor health habits 

Negative attitudes and feelings 

Jot down your sources of stress. Identify the ones you can control. Spend your healthy energy wisely, change what can be changed. Some helpful strategies to reduce the stresses of daily life include: 

Plan your day. Avoid the conflict of last-minute rushing. Have a back-up plan. 

Organize your home and work place. 

Take breaks. Stretch and/or walk periodically. 

Exercise regularly. 

Be positive. Avoid negative “self-talk”. 

Laugh often! Release those good chemicals that keep you healthy. 

Stay connected to family, friends, God and Church. 

Pray. Prayer calms the inner self, lifts the spirit and achieves inner peace. 

Comforting God, keep me under your wings when I feel burdened with distress. Amen.