Church Usage Policy

POLICIES FOR USE OF FACILITIES First United Methodist Church Kearney, Missouri

Reservations must be made through the church office only. No Exceptions.

Non-sponsored groups (any group or activity not directly affiliated with the ongoing or existing ministries of FUMC-Kearney) should have a FUMC member as the contact person who will sponsor the group.

A Building Usage Form or an Annual Church Use Permit must be signed, and appropriate deposits/fees paid before any event is officially placed on the church calendar. Note: Fees are not required for pre-approved weekly meetings.

All requests for building use are subject to review and approval by the Trustee Board.

Office equipment (computers, copiers, fax machine, etc.) shall not be used without prior permission and proper supervision.

The digital AV system must be operated by one of our trained AV technicians.

Smoking or use of any tobacco products are not permitted in any of the church facilities, this includes all restrooms, hallways, foyers, etc.

No alcoholic beverages, weapons, or controlled substances will be allowed on the premises.

Any damage or defacement of church property should be reported immediately to the church office and will become the liability of the party signing this agreement.

A Clean Up Checklist must be completed following building usage and returned to the office with key.

Children and youth under 18 years of age must be supervised at all times.

Participants must stay in assigned area reserved for the event.

No church equipment, utensils, tables, chairs, or other items shall be rented or removed from the church premises. Exceptions will be made only for church sponsored events, with the approval of the Trustee Board.

NOTE: Anyone using the building and failing to comply with the above policies will forfeit any deposits and lose eligibility for further use of the building. We reserve the right to terminate any event which is in violation of these policies.