Children's Wing Building Plans

We want your thoughts!

We're facing some difficult choices in our church. On Wednesday, June 20th we had a congregational meeting about our building plans. If you missed the meeting here's a brief rundown:

 Our Building Committee presented final confirmation that we are in the floodplain. We had been contesting this standing for some time.

The Building Committee then presented preliminary building plans

We also talked about our need for space. Both our student ministry and children's ministry are operating at capacity. Our student ministry meets on Wednesday night and needs to offer more small groups then our space allows. Our children's ministry is at capacity at the 9:30 hour. 

And then the hard part: the building being proposed is expensive. Really expensive. There is added cost to deal with the floodplain and added cost from rising construction costs. The Building Committee is proposing a building addition that will cost over the amount raised by the In Christ Alone capital campaign. 

So what do we do? 

We're looking for feedback. We're asking the question about debt existing past the In Christ Alone campaign that expires at the end of July 2019.

Does the church do another capital campaign to pay off that debt? 

Or, do we get creative and flexible with the space we already have? 

So what do we do?