Childcare Policy

Childcare Ministry Policy 

First United Methodist Church

Approved – October 29, 2018

Our goal is to provide safe, loving, God-centered care for our children.

In order to provide the best care possible, we want to be sure that our guidelines and expectations are clear. While childcare cannot be guaranteed, it will be accommodated if at all possible. 

Basic Childcare Information:

1.     Childcare will be provided for:

a.     All Sunday general worship services - for children under 2. (Family Worship Weekends - for children 3 and under)

b.    Special worship services (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve) - for children 3 and under.

c.     For small groups meeting at the church on Sunday and Wednesday nights from 6 - 8 pm, with a third night as a possibility depending on availability of Childcare Workers.- for children birth through 5th grade during the school year - September through April.

d.    Other day time events - for children birth through 5th grade.

2.     Because of the availability of workers and space and for the safety and quality of care for our children, the following must be adhered to:

a.     There will always be a minimum of 2 childcare workers in each room based upon the Safe Sanctuary Policies.

b.    The number of children will be limited to the following ratio of 1 childcare worker per 5 children.

c.     The maximum number of children will be 20 and the minimum number of children will be 3.

d.    Drop off of children will not start until 10 minutes before event andall childcare workers are present. Pick up must happen within 10 minutes after the event ends.

e.     Parents/guardians must remain at the church to participate in childcare. Childcare will not be provided for groups leaving the church.

f.      For all events and small groups, all child care requests need to be submitted by event or small group R.S.V.P. deadline.

3.     Childcare resources: 

a.     The nursery will be used first at all times. 

I.      The capacity of the nursery will be 2 childcare workers and up to 10 children. 

II.     In the nursery there are toys, a TV, and a DVD player, etc. 

b.    Classroom A will be a back-up room. 

I.      This room will be limited to 2 childcare workers and up to 10 children. 

II.     In classroom A there is a TV, DVD player and a tote with extra games for older children. 

4.    If childcare is not available (i.e. reservations spots are full, group meeting outside the church, minimum number of children not meet or unavailability of child care workers ):

a.     Childcare is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to hire and pay the childcare worker (references are not available by the church). 

b.    The parents/guardians then have the opportunity to turn in their request for reimbursement using the form and chart on our website. 

c.     Requests must be filled out within 30 days of your meeting time.

Responsibilities of each of the following: Childcare Workers, Childcare Coordinator, Parents/Guardians and Facilitators

1.  Responsibilities of the Childcare Workers(Paid and non-paid):

a.     Childcare workers must have completed an application to be kept on file in the church office

b.    All Childcare workers must take the online Conference safe sanctuary training course. This includes the teen helpers (we understand that the background check on teens will not show anything) but the training is necessary.

c.     Childcare workers must be 14 years old or older.

d.    Childcare workers will be on time and remain for the entire scheduled event. Please note, if a childcare worker does not show up for a scheduled event, the church will be unable to provide childcare for some or all registered children for the event.

e.     If a childcare worker needs to cancel due to illness or emergency they will find a sub from the provided sub-list. If no one is available, the childcare worker will contact the facilitator.

f.      If events are canceled due to inclement weather, childcare will not be provided. The facilitator in charge of the event will let the childcare workers know.

g.    If no children arrive within the first 15 minutes of the start time of the event for which childcare is being provided, the childcare workers may leave. Worship services are the exception to this, the childcare workers must stay the entire time.

h.     Childcare workers are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the event’s starting time and drop off will begin no sooner than 10 minutes prior to the event. Before that time, childcare workers should be preparing for the children.

i.      Childcare workers are expected to stay and clean after the last child has been picked up. Childcare workers will leave the childcare rooms/nursery neat and clean.

j.      Childcare workers will sign in and out using the time sheets provided and put the form under the financial office door before they leave.

k.     The sink in the nursery is only for hand washing. Do not use the water in the sink for drinking. Instead fill a pitcher in the kitchen or in one of the other classrooms and use with the cups.

l.      Keys will be provided by the Childcare Coordinator to our main childcare workers.

m.   Cell phones may be carried but should only be used in an emergency. Please set the ringers to “off” or “vibrate” so that you can commit your full attention to the children in your care.

n.     Play and have fun!

2.  Responsibilities of Childcare Coordinator:

a.     Will keep an updated list of approved childcare workers in the church office.

b.    Will correspond with the facilitators and the childcare workers - giving all pertinent information.

c.     Will verify that all childcare workers are safe sanctuary certified. If not, they will start the process for the childcare worker.

d.    Will set up and monitor the on-line registration process for childcare events.

e.     Will distribute Children’s wing key cards as needed.

f.      Will organize and distribute a sub-list.

g.    Will keep time sheets in the nursery.

h.     Will provide a roster of the registered children to the childcare workers in the nursery by the time sheets.

i.      Will let the facilitator know of any new openings for children as they occur because of cancellations.

j.      Will keep a record of all request forms for all childcare.

k.     Will let the facilitators know at least one week out if childcare is unavailable.

3.  Responsibilities of the Parents/Guardians:

a.     Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must remain on the church campus for childcare. (no childcare will be provided at the church for groups leaving the church)

b.    A limited number of childcare spots are available. Your child must be registered at least two weeks in advance; late registrations will be accommodated, if possible, but are based on availability.

c.     The childcare online registration link is available on our website.

d.    Your registration for each child will include: name, age, allergies, parents’/guardians’ names, and contact information. 

e.     Advanced registrations are honored until 15 minutes after the event begins and then will be given away to those waiting on a first come, first served basis.

f.      If you must cancel your child’s reservation, please contact the church office during normal office hours (Monday – Thursday, 9:00am – 3:00pm). If you are cancelling after 12 noon on Thursday or outside of office hours, please contact your facilitator. Cancellations are greatly appreciated.

g.    If the event is cancelled due to inclement weather or if childcare is cancelled this information will be shared with you by your facilitator.

h.     For safety purposes, we ask that all parents/guardians check their children in and out of childcare.

i.      Drop off can happen only when all childcare workers are present and no sooner than 10 minutes prior to your event. Before that time, childcare workers are busy preparing for a great experience.

j.      If your child is ill, we ask that you please take care of your child at home.

k.     Pick up is expected as soon as the event has completed. No later than 10 minutes after your event.

l.      Due to the increased number of allergies, we cannot allow “outside food” in our childcare rooms.

4.  Responsibilities of Facilitator:

a.     If you want to offer child care for your event or small group, you must request child care at least 4 weeks prior to the event or small group beginning date.

b.    The following must be provided with the requests: date, times childcare needed, and anticipated number of children via website form, email or phone call to childcare coordinator.

c.     If your event is canceled you must alert childcare workers immediately of this cancellation. 

d.    If childcare is cancelled you must communicate this with your event participants.

e.     Please check to see that all childcare workers are present prior to drop off.

•   If not, childcare will not be provided due to safe sanctuary policies.

f.      The facilitator keep a waiting list for families if childcare is full and will notify families when new openings occurs.

g.    Facilitators must also register their own children.

h.     If childcare is unavailable, the childcare coordinator will let the facilitator know at least one week out. It is then up to the facilitator to let the group members know that childcare is unavailable as soon as possible; so that they can make other accommodations. Other accommodations may include finding their own child care worker and being reimbursed through the church. Reimbursement forms can be found on the website.


Definitions for Childcare Policy:

Childcare Coordinator- church personnel in charge of scheduling childcare and keeping all documentation.

Childcare Worker- paid and unpaid person who is 14 years old and older, safe sanctuary certified and is in charge of caring for the children

Facilitator- this is the person responsible for leading/overseeing all aspects for the event: i.e. event leader, small group leader, event coordinator.

Parent/Guardian- anyone who is legally responsible for the care of a child.

Childcare Request Form

Name of Event: _________________________________________________________

Date of Event: ____________ Start Time: ____________ End Time: _____________

Number of anticipated children for childcare (birth through 5th grade):_________

Event FacilitatorName: __________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________ Cell Phone: __________________

Date: __________________ Signed: ________________________________________

Office Use only:

Date received by Childcare Coordinator: ___________________________________