Be A Buddy

"Be A Buddy" community support system

Be A Buddy

On the CDC's recommendations for faith communities page they recommend establishing "a 'buddy' system to ensure vulnerable and hard-to-reach community members stay connected to COVID-19-related news and services." We want to BE the church here in our community. To that end we are looking for "buddies" who are willing to be matched up with folks in our community to 1. Pray 2. Check-in and provide support, along with the latest information and 3. Critical supply acquisition. 

When you sign up to be a buddy our Pastors will match you with another person in our community. You can call to check in, pray with them, and ask if there is anything they are in need of. (Toiletries, essential food items, prescriptions, etc.) You as the buddy then coordinate helping to meet these needs on a 1to1 basis. 

We as Pastors will build a communication list with any pertinent information from the Clay County Health Dept, local officials, the Missouri Annual Conference, and our local church. We will communicate these needs to you as buddies who can then disseminate the information to your buddies!

Thank you for being willing to be the hands and feet of Christ. Our "buddy" system is simply a proactive way for us to be the church, particularly to our most vulnerable folks. Remember, "blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord." 

-The Pastors at First United Methodist Church

To be a buddy fill out the information below: