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Adult Small Group Sign-up Spring 2022

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Small Group Descriptions


9:30AM, Classroom 1 


We study the Adult Bible Study of the United Methodist Church. The lessons are Bible based and Christ centered. Discussions are thought provoking and fun, leading to deeper insight in our spiritual lives. Childcare Available.

Contact: Norma Mooney        816.635.3811

New Study Starting April 24!

9:30AM, Classroom 4

SEEKING GOOD NEWS - The Gospel of Mark with Francis Chan

In this 11-part series on the Gospel of Mark, author and speaker Francis Chan invites us to walk with him along the ancient ways of the Master. Tracing the steps of Jesus and the Twelve through Israel, Francis explores the major themes of the Gospel of Mark, and asks: Are we willing to take this journey to embrace discipleship?

We study the Bible as it relates to our modern lives. We typically utilize short video sessions followed by conversation. We love discussion and really can agree to disagree when needed. We enjoy being together and welcome new people with open arms. Childcare Available

Contact: Rita Philipps        816.628.5484

10:45AM, Classroom 5


We are using the book, Rest and War: Rhythms of a Well Fought Life, Ben Stuart. “Struggle well. Fight for progress. Know the one who has fought for you.” You don’t have to live in this world long before discovering that the pursuit of intimacy with God occurs within the context of adversity. Your struggles do not mean you are doomed, rather they are actually a sure sign that you are alive. Jesus did not free you from the fight, he freed you for the fight. 

Book cost: $10 Childcare Available

Contact: Chuck Dickson        832.498.3335


6:00PM, Classroom 5

THE CHARACTER OF GOD, Tim Mackie, editor

Exodus 34:6-7 decribes the character of God in direct conversation with Moses. This five-part series looks deeper into the Compassion, Grace, Patience, Loyalty, and Faithfulness of God. Short animated videos portray aspects of each trait and provide supporting evidence throughout other parts of the bible. This group will review, reflect, and respond through encouraging participation and accountability. Join us in-person or online as we explore this topic and apply what we learn to our daily lives.

Contact: Kent Gillespie 816-509-5306


New Study Starting May 2!

6:00PM, Classroom 5


We will be using the book, Putting Your Past in Its Place: Moving Forward in Freedom and Forgiveness, Stephen Viars. Many of us believe either "our past is nothing" and suppress the brokenness we've experienced, or we believe "our past is everything" and allow it to control our present and future. Neither approach moves us toward healing and hope. If you are ready to release the past so that God can transform you, your relationships, and your ability to hope, this group is for you. (6 weeks)

Book cost: $13.00 Childcare available

Contact: Esther Rardon 816.768.2786


New Study Starting April 26!

9:00AM-11:00AM, Classroom 4


Starting April 26th! "What the Women Saw" Do women matter to the kingdom of God? Jesus was surrounded by both men and women during his ministry on earth. He saw, valued, and cared for women, and he still does today. Through this six-session study, we will discover who Jesus is through the unique perspective of women in the Bible. As we study the lives of Mary, Martha, Mary Magdalene and others, we will learn from their faith and be reminded that Jesus cared for and valued the women. He equipped them, listened to them, walked with them, healed them, and empowered them.

Everyone is welcome. Please join us!

Contact: Mary Lou Jurado       816.628.6099

7:00PM, Please call for location

FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE Second Tuesdays     

Friendship Circle is a women’s group that meets for fellowship and devotion. Several outreach projects are completed annually supporting Hillcrest Hope, Meet the Need, Whittier Elementary, packing homeless packs, etc.

Contact: Shelly Handy     816.392.9908

Multiple Days

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9-9:45 am, Fellowship Center


We take care of ourselves so we can care for others. The class is designed to place a gradually increased workload on the heart, lungs, muscles and bones to help improve their function; to place a gradually increased workload on the core muscles and upper and lower extremities; and may consist of low impact aerobics resistance, flexibility and Pilates/Yoga.

Contact: Joyce Bradley 816.903.7662

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7pm, Classroom 4 & Fellowship Center


A fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with others. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.

Facilitator: Greg Cox 816.510.3840