150th Anniversary

150th Anniversary Celebration

150th Anniversary Video

150th Anniversary Video

As our church celebrates it's 150th anniversary, we invite you to the challenge of 150 acts of kindness.

150 acts of kindness

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can all

do small things with great love.” - Mother Teresa

Hold the door open for someone

Do a chore for someone without them knowing it

Put change in a vending machine at school or a hospital

Tell a joke to cheer someone up

Return someone’s cart at the grocery store

Give a candy to a bank teller

Leave a letter in a library book 

Feed the birds

Leave happy notes around town

Pick up trash along the roadways or sidewalks

Call an elderly person and ask them about their childhood

Bring the mail to the door of an elderly neighbor

Let someone go ahead of you in line

Compliment a stranger

Wash someone’s car

Write a thank you note to your mail carrier

Plant an extra vegetable in your garden to give away

Bake a treat for a neighbor

Walk dogs at an animal shelter

Check in on an elderly neighbor

Set up a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds

Send a card to a service member

Write a note to each member of the family on their napkin when you set the table

Donate your gently used magazines to a hospital 

Leave Bubbles on someone’s doorstep

Put money on a stranger’s layaway bill

Praise a kid in the store for being well behaved

Donate gently used clothing

Buy a coffee for a stranger

Pass out stickers to kids waiting in line at the store

Talk to someone new at church

Write positive messages in chalk on the sidewalks

Weed the garden or flower bed for someone

Donate food to the food pantry

Bring flowers to a teacher

Shovel snow for someone

Ask to see a manager and brag on the good service

Tape change to a parking meter

Donate socks to a homeless shelter

Call a friend you haven’t been in contact with for awhile

Buy ice cream for the kids in line at the ice cream truck

Take treats to the fire station

Read a book to someone

Leave a heads up penny on the sidewalk

Donate a book to a preschool 

Say hello to everyone you see

Make someone else’s bed

Wave at the kids on a school bus

Sing songs at a nursing home

Invite someone to play on the playground

Donate a Toy to Toys for Tots

Say thank you when you see someone in uniform

Fill a kindness jar with candy and give it away

Make a Thank you sign for your garbage collectors

Make a busy bag for a Mom with small children

Bring cookies to a custodian

Donate new or gently used backpacks and duffle bags to foster kids

Take care of someone’s pet while they are away 

Leave a microwave popcorn bag taped to the DVD Rental machine

Teach someone something new

Donate coloring books and crayons to a Children’s hospital

Pay the toll for the car behind you

Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts

Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity

Buy extra school supplies and give to a teacher

Send dessert to another family at a restaurant

Give someone a coupon for a hug

Help someone take their groceries to their car and load them

Sponsor a pet at a shelter online

Make a candy gram for a police officer

Make a homemade gift for a neighbor

Deliver water bottles to a kid’s sporting event

Use towels to dry the playground equipment in the park after a rain or snow

Make playdough for a preschool class

Decorate tissue boxes for a nursing home

Give a tip to the kid who bags your groceries

Buy a box of diapers to donate to a new family

Buy an extra pair of gloves and give to someone on the street without any

Visit a nursing home to play checkers

Make a thank you card for your librarian

Buy $5 gift cards to fast food places and hand out to the homeless

Bring doughnuts to your Sunday School class

When everyone around you is gossiping, be the person to step in and say something nice

Offer to do laundry for someone with a new baby or going through a difficult time

Smile at someone on the street as you pass them

Let someone in your lane of traffic

Leave your latest magazine in the coffee shop for someone else to enjoy

Let the person behind you in line at the store, go first

Clip coupons and leave by the item in the grocery store as you shop

Call a friend when you are going to the store and ask if they need anything while you are going

Have a pizza delivered to a busy family 

Put encouraging sticky notes on the bathroom mirror in restrooms

Volunteer to watch kids while a Mom goes shopping

Send anonymous flowers to the receptionist at work

Donate and recycle your old laptop and electronics

Hold the elevator for someone

Leave soap, softener or change with a note to use as needed at the laundry

Mow a neighbor’s yard

Give up a seat when waiting at a restaurant for table seating

Bring a security guard a hot cup of coffee

Buy an extra dog or cat food to give to the food pantry

Say “yes” at the store when the cashier asks if you want to donate a $1 to a charity

Help someone struggling with heavy bags

Entertain a child in a waiting room while Mom or Dad fill out the paperwork

Bring a cup of hot chocolate to a Salvation Army Bell Ringer

Offer someone a stick of gum and then, give them the pack

Take all your change to Coinstar and donate your collection to a charity

Run a 5k for a charity

Drop off old blankets and towels to an animal shelter

Write a thank you to someone from your past who’s made an impact on your life

Leave a few books at a Little Free Library

Buy a bag of Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses and give people you meet a “hug & kiss”

Spread some encouragement online via a FB, Instagram, etc. post

Make a double casserole or soup recipe and freeze one for family in need

Save boxes and then give them to someone who is moving

Make extra copies of picture that friends or family are in and send them to them

Listen to someone who needs to talk

Rake leaves for someone

Offer a ride to someone who is carless

Donate your old car to a charity

Attend an event for a child such as a sporting event or a musical performance

Offer a bottle of water or a hot chocolate to a door to door salesperson or missionary

Pack extra snacks to share with others around you at an event

Let someone else have their way without putting up a fight about it

Donate your vacation or sick days to a person at work who is struggling at work

Buy the stuff the neighborhood kids are selling

Wheel your neighbors trash cans back up their drive

Compliment someone on how well they parked

Leave uncarved pumpkins on the doorsteps of a family

Pay the shipping for someone at the UPS or Fed Ex store

Thank someone every week

Knit or crochet something for someone 

Offer to Pray for someone and then, do it

Find out something new about a co-worker

Share your study guide

Hold a Teddy Bear drive and give the collection to a police department or children’s hospital

Donate event tickets to a local charity organization 

Compliment five people today

Plant a tree

Teach a class on a hobby or skill you can share

Buy a charitable magazine subscription and send it to a nursing home

Tell someone you see regularly how they make your day

Share something without being asked

Give a gift of housekeeping to a new parent

Volunteer to drive an elderly person to a doctor’s appointment or to church

Pay for someone eating alone in a restaurant and leave before they realize it

Donate blood

Keep an extra umbrella at work so you can lend it out when it rains

Select a gift from an Angel tree and buy the wish gift for a child

Leave a gas gift card at a gas pump